Why I Wear What I Wear

Why I Wear What I Wear

Whether we realise it or not, we all wear what we wear in order to portray a certain image, whether it’s a smart professional look when you’re going into a meeting or a carefree hippie look for a festival. Even those that feel they don’t actively dress to give off a certain image, still do anyway.

I’m definitely not saying that what we wear, we wear for other people. That’s stupid, and while it might happen sometimes, it’s not always the case. Hell, most of the time I just dress so that I feel good about myself, not for anyone else!

I have, however found a particular pattern in my style, and for those who will listen, as an unqualified expert on my own fashion sense,  I would love to let you know about why I wear what I wear, or more so, what I think influences my dress sense.

First, let me say that I am the queen of bargains, I’ve always said that ‘style on a budget’ is my motto. I will rarely buy an item of clothing at full price unless I REALLY like it. This is good for me, because as a self proclaimed shopaholic, it limits my ability to spend my hard earned money on too many material items, so thank god for me being overly cautious with my money!

A couple of stores that I love for some discount style are Valley Girl and Ally, in the right season these stores have some great pieces for super reasonable prices. As for online, I love Depop (which is basically Instagram and Ebay’s baby) and Boohoo.com. I also fell in LOVE with Primark while in Europe, but unfortunately they are yet to come to Australia.

Now in terms of my style, I have for a long time been in love with the androgynous style. Whether on me or other people. I love combining an item of clothing that is inherently masculine with a more feminine piece. Something like a loose t-shirt and jeans with strappy stiletto heels. Let me re-iterate, I do not have any qualifications in fashion, and I’m DEFINITELY not an expert in the field, but I think the nice thing about fashion is the fact that you don’t have to be. You just have to know what you like. And that is what I like.


Some people whose style I admire are David Bowie, Tilda Swinton, Harry Styles (don’t judge me!), Halsey and Ruby Rose. I think that all the people that I listed try something with clothing that isn’t just the norm and breaks through the barriers that are usually placed around clothing.

I hope you enjoyed my mini-rant about clothing, my opinions on the matter and all the selfies I had to insert since I can’t roll out photoshoots every other week (I wish!). Anyway, let me know your opinions on fashion and style, and let me know if I should write a bit more about fashion.

Photo’s by me (except the first one), obviously.

Also see my other fashion pieces in Fashion Observer Magazine, over on my Portfolio page.

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