The Temptation of Travel

The Temptation of Travel

The allure of wanderlust is something that has kind of enveloped our generation. Every second person I talk to has been to a beautiful country or has a list full of places they’re yet to visit. I can’t complain about these people, because I’m one of them. Now as much as I love having physical items to hold onto there’s just something so gratifying about having this travel experience to savour as well.

I haven’t travelled a lot, not compared to some people I know, but for someone my age I have definitely been to quite a few places. I’ve made my way over to Anaheim (Disneyland, duh), Hollywood, Thailand and Bali. Now as I went to America with my parents (the best alternative to schoolies ever) it was pretty relaxing, however I went to Bali with two other people my age and to Thailand, as my first overseas trip without the parentals. This one was just me and my friend. Being two young females in a foreign country was daunting but it was one hell of an experience.

So that’s what I want to talk a bit about today; travelling as a young (female) adult.



Thailand was crazy, first we almost missed our plane, then we were trying to navigate around a country that definitely doesn’t have road rules like Australia and then the protests. That really put things in perspective.

It’s no surprise me telling you that as a young adult there’s so many more things you need to consider when travelling. Safety, especially as a young woman, is top priority. Always walk in groups, keep your valuables close to you and keep an eye out for each other because you’re new to the country and you never know the situations you might run into.

On top of this you need to look for a place to stay that is secure and close to the city. Again, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when you’re new. I was lucky that my friends and I shopped around a lot before we chose somewhere which made our stay at both Bali and Thailand an absolute ball.

We also kept our passports and all of our documentation printed out and in a folder that we locked in either a safe or one of our bags when we left the hotel. On top of this it’s best to get a business card from the hotel you stay at so when you get transport back there, you can just hand the driver the business card. Saves time and frustration.

It terms of all the touristy stuff, do what you came to do. I’ve been on tours to outer suburbs of Thailand and Bali, I’ve shopped at some massive malls, I’ve rode elephants, pet tigers and done water sports. If it looks fun do it but shop around for a good company and STAY IN GROUPS.



Another pointer I have is that if you go to a country that doesn’t speak English like did, learn some of the language. I’m not saying become fluent in three days but learn how to say hello, goodbye, yes, no, thank you and sorry and you’ll have some bases covered. Make an effort to understand the culture.

Honestly, the uncertainty of being in (for my case) a third world country with people under 20 was evident. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t really know what to do. While I was in Thailand there were governmental protests happening which was very confronting. We couldn’t wear certain colours, go out after a certain time and visit certain areas, but we worked around it. We were careful and planned everything out and other than some frantic texts from back home it was pretty smooth sailing. So after scouting accommodation, tours, shopping malls, transport and restaurants I felt more at ease.



Let me tell you that I had the absolute best time going overseas with my friends (and also my family that one time). It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to immerse yourself in a foreign country and learn about a culture that is so different to yours. I trust that you won’t regret a trip overseas if you plan ahead. Follow your wanderlust, save up your money and visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. I hope you’ll love it as much as I did.

If you have any questions about going overseas as a young adult, don’t hesitate to ask.


Some of my favourite places/ websites that I used when going to Thailand and Bali

Before The Trip




Platinum Fashion Mall

Phi Phi Island Tour

Amata Resort

Tiger Temple


Whoosh Bang

Nyoman Suntayasa

(Tour Driver)

Photo’s taken by myself and my friends

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