The Great Tech Debate

The Great Tech Debate

I watched a video recently that motivated me to share my opinion about technology and whether it’s the downfall or upsurge within our generation. Personally, I think it’s a little of both.

On one hand look at all the grief it’s caused us. Selfie obsessions involving finding the perfect filter and angle for your aesthetic and fabricated Insta-celebs showing off a perfect life that they are merely playing a part for, these are some of many complications. But that’s not even getting into how certain devices are built and the pollution due to unwanted mobile phones and laptops. There are a lot of problems that have developed due to our obsession with technology, there’s no doubt about that.



But if we are talking purely about what it can and has done for us, then I’m going pro-technology (however keep in mind I live in a first world country, so my opinions are my own from my experiences).

In terms of how it has benefited me in my life, I can safely say I wouldn’t be doing what I am today without technology. Hell, my entire university degree was practically built on our use of technology.

Every generation has new developments that send people into a moral panic and are thus overwhelmed with the desire to ‘protect the children!’ Think of how video killed the radio star and how DVD’s slowly ate away at the shelf life of our beloved VHS tapes. But right now I’m writing this blogreviewing events/ venues online and am doing what I enjoy while being given the opportunity to show that to my friends and family around Queensland thanks to the internet. This blog literally would not be possible without technology. Goodbye internet, goodbye laptop.



Not only this, but think about it medically, these developments in technology are not just inclusive of our Instagram feeds and music playlists. I for one, constantly have my phone on me in case my blood sugar levels drop and I need help, it not only provides a sense of protection but also the ability to call for any required help. Additionally, as spoken about in my last post, I have an insulin pump. This in itself is an advancement in technology and one that is actually keeping me alive and I’m not alone in my dependence on this type of technology.

So yes, there are problems regarding our obsession with technology and who knows, one day The Matrix might come true, but being able to make friends and connect with people whether they be right beside you or half way across the world really doesn’t seem so bad. Places like YoutubeTumblr and similar sites have communities of people who thrive on the ability to connect with people similar to them and express themselves in a way they feel comfortable.

Before you start hating on technology remember that it’s okay to be scared of change, and new technological developments are an unknown that could thrive or fall and have various repercussions. But when push comes to shove this has happened for centuries and will continue to happen for centuries more and so the best we can do for now is find a balance between our dependence on technology and our desire for what we consider the simpler days.

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