Tatt Facts: My Tattoo Advice and Experiences

Tatt Facts: My Tattoo Advice and Experiences

To me, body modifications like tattoos and piercings are amazing modes of self-expression and ultimately, just look really cool. I love getting tattoos and I tend to leave it quite a while before getting them done but also try to get them as often as I can. Kind of like the frequency of my writing on this blog. Oops. But as with this blog I also rather giving each piece more time to be perfected and made into something I am happy with rather than powering out a lot of pieces but having them be mediocre. Quality over quantity I say!

Basically my point here is I don’t really care what modifications you make to your body so long as it makes YOU happy and isn’t hurting other people. I’m all for self-expression in a way that makes you feel more comfortable in your own body.

I will however provide you with my recommendations when it comes to tattoo care and safety.

Tattoos as with many other body modifications are a commitment. Some may be long term and others may be short but either way you have committed yourself to the aftercare of your modification.

I never take my tattoo aftercare lightly, especially as I’m a  Type 1 Diabetic, this means I need to be very careful with my healing process. However this applies to everyone. If you are not willing to look after your tattoo by putting the necessary creams on it, keeping it out of the scorching sunlight for a while and in essence just not letting it get infected, then reconsider getting a tattoo. It simply won’t be worth it.

Having lectured you about the aftercare of tattoos (which I’m sure the artist will do as well) and you still want to get a it done, now we’ll look at where you’ll go to get the tattoo itself. In keeping my lecturer hat on I will tell you, please don’t get a home job tattoo, I know your friend might be incredibly talented but hygiene and safety is far more important.



I’ve had tattoos done in both Brisbane and Thailand and honestly it doesn’t matter what city you’re in as long as you do your research. Make sure they have the necessary qualifications, that they have a good reputation and that you trust them. While they are preparing the equipment for your tattoo watch the artist and make sure that they are using new needles, ones that they’ve taken out of sealed packages in front of you and in general are being super hygienic about EVERYTHING. This applies to any tattoo studio no matter if they are renowned for their work or are hardly known at all.

I have three tattoos at this current point in time, having completed my last tattoo at the start of this month and I absolutely love each of them and plan to get more.

I’m the sort of person where if I like the position of the tattoo on my body I will suck it up and deal with the pain, which I’m lucky that I can do. However, if you’re not like this, please take into consideration your pain tolerance and the fact that you need to sit completely still for this period of time. No squirming or pulling away due to the pain.

Having my wrist, ribs and back done there’s definitely parts of your body that hurt to get tattooed more than others. My wrist, for instance, was my first tattoo and hardly hurt at all. My second was my ribs which hurt like crazy but was manageable. But my third tattoo which is a larger piece on my back was excruciating. Luckily I toughed it out and only made it a little frustrating for the artist (sorry Mimi!). But this is definitely something you need to take into consideration.



Personally, I like to sit on the idea and placement of my tattoo for a few months (at least) before getting it done purely because I am the queen of indecision and need to make sure it’s exactly what I want. However, I commend the people who can get tattoos spur of the moment.

Maybe one day…

Anyway all I’m trying to do here is express my love for body modifications and also preach to you about tattoo safety which you may have heard many times before, but I don’t really think you can hear about it enough.

I hope your future body mod endeavors are exciting and make you look and feel amazing.

I will link below where I had my tattoos done:

My wrist: Royal Ink, Brisbane

My ribs: Celebrity Ink, Phuket, Thailand

My back: Valley Ink, Brisbane – with Mimi Guoh

Feel free to send in any photos of your tattoos as I’d love to see the different designs people have!

Also if you have any questions about my tattoos or tattoos in general definitely send me a message.

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