Stylish Specs

Stylish Specs


After having glasses for the last few years I’ve picked up a few tips on where to find some nice looking glasses at some pretty decent prices. Particularly when I shop for prescription glasses, knowing that I have to wear these during most of the day makes me want to have the ones I buy, be a solid investment and something that I will enjoy wearing.

I’ll list below some different stores that I love to go glasses shopping at.


Bailey Nelson is my number one favourite place to look for glasses.

I recently found out about these guys and not only do they sell some lovely glasses but they also do eye exams, which is just convenient! The staff are super lovely and always there to give you hand and explain things to you if you’re a newbie at buying glasses (or just learning a little late). Bailey Nelson has a great range of fashion, prescription glasses, that look absolutely lovely. After a couple of years I got bored of wearing plain old, run of the mill glasses and wanted to opt for some more stylised specs. Now this place is my go-to shop for any kind of prescription frames.

I love that Bailey Nelson has stores all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and that they make buying glasses such a good experience.

Glasses from Bailey Nelson, Brisbane


Sneaking Duck is also a great place to find nice prescription glasses. While they have a slightly smaller range online than Bailey Nelson, they do have a Try At Home system where you can order glasses, try them on and then pick the ones you want. This store is definitely a great place to shop for some nice prescription frames with a bit of character.


Oscar Wylee is also a store that has a great range of glasses to choose from and great descriptions of the products that you’re looking at. They have lots of different styles to choose from and they also have the Try At Home system here as well.


While not my number one’s these stores are good for some decently priced glasses and definitely the places to go when you first get glasses or if you’re not so much into glasses that make a statement when you wear them.

These are just a couple of places around Brisbane and online that I love to go to for glasses.

I figure that since I have to wear my glasses for general purpose (not just for reading) that I should love the ones that I wear and get some good quality, stylish prescription glasses. I want my specs to make a statement, so finding stores that allow for this is simply necessary.

Let me know if there are any stores that you love to buy your glasses from and if you’d like to me recommend more stores to you!

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