Stress Less Vol. 2

Stress Less Vol. 2

As we venture further into the New Year I though I’d start off my blog in 2018 with a nice, wholesome piece. AGES ago I wrote another post called ‘6 Things I Suggest to Stress Less’ and since I’ve recently come back from a holiday where I stressed less (and did very little throughout this time), I thought it would be a nice way to start the year.

Again, I’d like to share with you some things that I have picked up recently/ recommend doing to try and reduce stress. While they may not work for you, as an over-thinker, taking active steps to not become a fiery ball of stress is something that I like to implement.

Today I’m going to focus on… doing nothing, and I don’t mean sitting around for the entire weekend to the point where you have your own sofa crease that you’ve become lodged in. I mean setting aside dedicated time to unapologetically and comfortably do nothing.


1. Calm

While I do mean being generally calm, I am also referring to the specific app Calm. While I am the absolute worst at meditation, it’s a good little app to help with stressing less. Even if you’re like me and your mind wanders not even 10 seconds into a meditation session (hence you subsequently giving up on it for literal years), it’s a great time to schedule in doing nothing.

If you stress a lot and always think you need to be doing something than ‘meditation’ gives you a perfect excuse to not feel guilty about doing absolutely nothing. Which leads onto my next point…


2. Planning

Now, those who know me, know that I over-plan pretty much everything, I enjoy having control over what I’m doing in the coming hours/ days/ weeks and knowing exactly what that is. I’ve realised that while this may be me being pedantic, it also helps me stress less.

If I have a list of things that I want to do I will constantly run through them in my head to ensure I remember them. Even though the easier thing to do would be to simply write them down. Why remember a list of 7 items you need to buy at the Supermarket when you can just write them down on your phone and tick them off to ensure you don’t miss anything? That’s how I view my organisation and scheduling.

I find that if I plan out my day or week, where I need to be and when, then I can put that task/ event aside until the time rolls around, and not have to linger on it until that point.


3. Go Outside

It sounds stupid and simple and I’m sure you’ve heard it 100 times before but getting up and going outside, whether that be for a walk, a run, going to the pool or just sitting in your backyard for a while, can be great. Not only do you remove yourself from that sofa crease but you also get to stretch your legs a bit and just breathe in some fresh air for a while.


4. Talk to Someone
Lastly, I highly recommend talking to someone to help reduce stress. Whether it be a friend, partner, or a complete stranger, talking is nice.

To some it might seem like I complain a lot however this is simply my way of stressing less. I become quite the pain in the ass when I bottle things up and get stressed, so to save everyone the pain of having to interact with that, I will usually rant about what is on my mind for a little while, to get it off my chest, then I am fine.

You’ve probably read the reports about how bottling things up is bad for you, so that’s why I recommend talking to someone, just to help process your thoughts, then chill out again.




Hopefully you found some of these points interesting!

What do you do to stress less?


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