Once Upon A Time Management

Once Upon A Time Management

This post is going to be incredibly ironic. Take in the fact that I am currently watching Interstellar with my roommate while simultaneously stressing about how much assessment I have due this month and you’ll understand why me talking about time management is pure irony.

Time management is something I took for granted through high school. I seemed to have an ingrained sense of time management during this time (thanks mum and dad) and so it struck me a little harder in university when I suddenly had to motivate myself to actually do adult (or uni student) things.

Now for the record, I think university is pretty awesome. Doing a Media and Communications degree with a minor in Public Relations is pretty awesome, I’ve learnt a lot and have found that I’m really interested in this industry. But that doesn’t mean I don’t do my fair share of procrastinating.

My last year of uni has opened my eyes to how incredibly important time management is. I never really found it a struggle to get shit done on time until I actually had a lot of events and commitments bombard me all at once. What came out of this situation was my awesome ability to manage my time.

This semester alone I’ve had a part time job, an internship (two at one stage), university as well as writing this blog. To me it’s a matter of prioritising and planning. I’m one of those pedantic people who writes everything down and that really helps me set out what I’m doing and when I’m doing it, plus it means I won’t forget anything, which I’m prone to doing.



Don’t get me wrong, I procrastinate just as much as the next person, usually by watching Youtube, reading or scrolling through social media. Sometimes it’s good to have some you time. You do need it every now and again and you also need to take breaks when you’re studying or working. But you know you’ve gotten too deep when you’re watching a video or reading about procrastination and you sit back and go ‘oh god that’s me.’ That tends to get me back to work.

I’m lucky having grown up with a good concept of time management but for those who don’t have this skill, it is also learnt. It’s a great skill to have, especially when you’re quite busy like I’ve been as of recent. Plus it’s a good thing to bring up in job interviews, employers love that shit.

I hope you’ve found some interest or help in what I’ve written even if my opinion if nullified by the fact that I’m preaching time management while being a chronic procrastinator. Either way, I still feel it’s an important skill to have and one that I think will come in real handy when life starts to get hectic.

Photos by Nicole Angela

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