Hi, I’ll be Your Blogger This Evening

Hi, I’ll be Your Blogger This Evening

This may be procrastination or maybe it’s a solid investment, and while I hope it’s the latter nothing’s wrong a little procrastination doing something I enjoy. Welcome to my blog, this is a place where my thoughts about the world will go and hopefully someone will read this and enjoy them.

The point of me making this blog is simply to write. I really enjoy writing and with all the university text we have to go through sometimes it’s just nice to take some time out and write for yourself, so this is that. There is no direction here, I’ll post opinion articles, tips for things that I think are important and even work I’ve done through university if I think it deserves to be here.

The idea here is that people might read some of these blog posts and find it interesting or just enjoy some of the topics I talk about. Now I am a busy person and so posting may not be consistent for a while but we’re all learning, it’s literally the reason I’m still in university. So anyway before I leave you to get on with your lives I’ll introduce myself a little.

I’m Nicole. I’m 19 years old though I’ll be 20 on Christmas Day, yeah, I know.

I have a cat who’s sitting on my lap while I’m typing this and is just the most gorgeous thing.

I’m currently in my last year of university and looking to get into the world of public relations. That or presenting, public speaking is actually kind of a guilty pleasure of mine.

I’m an only child with two amazing parents and am living out of home with two of my amazing friends.

Three blogs or blog websites I like are The Debrief (a UK blog site), The Stylish Confessions (by Malu Swartjes a Dutch fashion and makeup blogger) and Oracle Fox (run by Amanda Shadforth an Australian style and fashion blogger).

That’s enough about me though, most of the people reading this are probably people I know who I’ve convinced to check it out anyway. So I’ll leave it at that. Hopefully I can make this into a space where I can share what I find interesting and express my content writing needs while amusing people.

I hope you have a fantastic day.

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