Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits

I wholeheartedly believe that adventure and travel are essential to a happy and balanced life.

I love being a career focused person, but I am also aware that I need some excitement in my life, external to this as well. Being driven is an amazing quality but sometimes you just need to give yourself a rest and take a little time off to concentrate on you.

I quite like this quote that I found (literally yesterday):

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”

– Seneca

I do believe that you gain so much more experience and understanding through travel, and I feel that this is a really beautiful thing. Going to Europe was an absolutely amazing experience for me where I was able to be immersed in new – but much older – cultures and learn what it was like to live on the other side of the world. Not only was this a fantastic way to absorb the world around me, it was also time for me to take a break and recharge for the real world.

No matter how much you love life, I think we all need moments like these.

Now, I fully understand that not everyone can travel across the world, whether that be due to money or circumstance, although you don’t need to cross borders to do this. While I’m usually one to opt for a day in bed rather than a day on the go, going out to do something relaxing I am SO down for.

Weekend adventures were not something that happened often for me (not at all helped by the fact that I didn’t have a car) but as of recent I have tried to get out and do this more. Whether it be going to the beach, up a mountain, or just going to grab coffee, I am trying to do these little mini-adventures much more often now. This not only makes me do a little more with my weekend, but it’s also a nice little escape (and for all those introverts out there, firstly SAME but also, you don’t need to take other people with you, we’re old enough to know that you don’t always need to adventure in groups – check out my article The Stigma of Being Alone in Public, about this exact topic).

Maybe it’s just my newly found sense of freedom from FINALLY owning a car and also recently booking a holiday, but I feel like adventures, however you define them, are really an essential part of life.

 No matter if your adventure takes you down the street or across the globe, put yourself out there and unhinge from the mundane, maybe once a week, maybe once a year, but just be sure not to regret missing out on those opportunities.

Tell me.

What was your favourite adventure?

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Both relate heavily to this topic. 


All photographs taken by myself.

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