10 Thailand Travel Tips

10 Thailand Travel Tips

I wholeheartedly believe that travelling is an essential part of keeping a person sane. I know that not everyone has the luxury to up and leave for a holiday once or twice a year, however when given the opportunity, I strongly encourage you to take it.

Recently I went to Thailand with one of my best mates for a two-week getaway of relaxation and recuperation. Now, although the humidity was through the roof, it was an absolutely amazing time and it provided a getaway from the real world for a little while, which no matter your position in life, is always a nice little treat for yourself.

This is why I wanted to take a little time and let you guys know about some of the lovely places that I went to in Bangkok and Ao Nang, Thailand.




1. Platinum Fashion Mall

If you want to go to a shopping centre in Bangkok that doesn’t intimidate you with the bartering system but that is also not blowing out the budget (<– MBK) then the Platinum Fashion Mall is your best bet. Last time I was in Bangkok I went to this mall as well, and there’s good reason.

Here there is six layers of shopping heaven all with many different styles and stores and a massive food court with more cuisines than you can count. I spent a fair bit of time here and picked up a few pieces that I just love.

It’s right in the centre of the city (which was about a 300m walk from our hotel) and provided you don’t mind dropping in a few elbows when the crowds pick up, you’ll love it!


2. The Hotel 93

While this hotel was not our place of residence for the week we spent in Bangkok, it was where we spent most of our nights. This lovely little hotel is right in the centre of the city and was only a short walk away from the hotel that we were actually staying at.

We kept coming back to this place as it had a little balcony area up a flight of stairs where you could watch over the busy crowds underneath within your own little space. Not only this, but they also had a great array of food (both Thai and Western) and an AWESOME array of cocktails. Seriously, I found the best ever lychee cocktail at this place, you need to check it out.

This was almost always our go-to place for dinner if we didn’t know what else to do!


3. Caturday Cat Café

This cute little café is a decent walk away from the Platinum Mall but given the right shoes and motivation, it’s definitely doable.

The café is exactly what it sounds like, a café WITH CATS. The set-up has strong Japanese vibes with mostly floor seating on little cushions. The drinks are the usual and so is the food but that’s not what you’re really there for. You’re there to buy the little sachets of food to trick the cats into coming over to you so that you can pet them. And that’s what we did!

Most of the cats are smart enough to know the system and just lounge around and make you come to them, but every once and a while you make a little cat friend for the duration of your stay.

The café itself is very much a tourist driven place but to be honest, I don’t even mind, I got to drink coffee and pet cats!


4. The White Rabbit

Though admittedly we didn’t spend much time here, as we simply wanted a place to grab a cocktail before moving on, it’s definitely a nice little bar to hang out in that doesn’t have a crazy, drunken tourist vibe like some other bars.

During our maybe hour long stay we lounged back in one of the booths and took in the sites of the people walking around the streets outside while we comfortably sat right under the fans they had in place (thank god!).

I am of course also a little partial to this place as it is obviously Alice in Wonderland themed, they had a massive clock on the wall and a large white rabbit as their logo, so all in all, it’s just a nice little bar to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.


5. Centara Grand – Red Sky Bar

So, everyone goes to Thailand because it is much cheaper to get around than Australia, right? Well if you’ve been living that budget lifestyle in Bangkok and want a night where you binge a little, I’d highly recommend Centara Grand’s Red Sky Bar.

This place is FANCY. We walked into the hotel itself on our way to the sky bar and took a lift up 52 floors before being escorted into a clear glass lift (yes it was mildly terrifying!), to the sky bar itself. Here we ordered our cocktails on an iPad, which would have totalled in around $30AUD each and were seated right near the glass walls that were protecting us from falling to our death.

Like I said, it’s very bougie and definitely not where you want to go if you’re going to Thailand for the $4 cocktails, but it was a nice little present to ourselves and definitely a lovely place to go to, even if it’s only once a trip.


Ao Nang, Krabi


6. Deevana Plaza

This resort hotel was our place of residence during our time in Ao Nang (the touristy part of Krabi). Considering this end of the trip was going to be dedicated to beaches and relaxing, we choose a very good hotel for that purpose.

Though it was about 1km from the main strip in Ao Nang, it wasn’t too bad a walk and allowed us to be removed from the busyness at nights.

We had a lovely little room with a balcony that looked over the resort style pool that made its way through nearly the entire hotels length. Not only this but we added in a free breakfast to our stay which had a heap of different style foods for us to dig into.


7. Ao Nang Beach

This is the main beach in Ao Nang that is directly across from a bunch of shops on the main strip. It’s a lovely little area that you can wander down to and either walk along the beach itself or up on the side walk if you don’t want to deal with the sand, just watch out for the boats!

It’s also a great place because if you choose to have lunch at one of the restaurants along this area, you can watch over the beach while sipping on your midday cocktails, which… I definitely didn’t do often… of course…


 8. Emerald Pool

During the tour that we went on, we stopped off at a few places, one of which, was the Emerald Pool. This was a bit of a walk (about 1.3km) from where our tour bus dropped us off with us being able to also walk an extra 1km or so to go a place called the Blue Lake.

You could only swim at the Emerald Pool so we opted to stay here. The pool/lagoon itself is lovely and almost clear with greenery surrounding it. While I could do without the mosquitos and humidity, it was a gorgeous little area that made for some lovely photos.

9. Crazy Gringo’s

On more than one occasion we were craving a little bit of Mexican food during our time in Ao Nang, luckily for us, we found Crazy Gringo’s Restaurant. Here we had delicious Mexican food, margaritas and on our last night there, some live music by a guy with a crazy vocal range (he nailed ACDC) which resulted in the waitresses there dragging us onto the makeshift dancefloor with them.

It’s a little wild when it gets later but if that’s not your vibe, then go at lunch and just chill out with some frozen drinks to keep you cool during the day.


10. Chang Bar

This is one of the more popular bars in Ao Nang that most people know about. I knew I liked the place when we clocked the staff strategically seating us outside to make it look like the place was fuller than it actually was, I appreciated their business strategy. Plus, it obviously worked because it was busy in no time!

This place (before like 10/11pm) has the best music around, instead of mixing together songs and repeating choruses until you got bored, they just played through songs that had a great beat. Brisbane, take note!

In fairness, it got a bit rowdier after this time when the crowd got louder and the songs got mixed a lot more. But either way, it’s definitely a go to place if you’re looking to grab a couple cocktails and kick back.




I hope you gained a little insight into what you can do in Thailand if you’re heading over there, or even just planning a holiday in the future and are not sure what to do. While it can be known for the hustle and bustle, really you just have to venture off and find the right places on your own and you’re bound to hunt down somewhere that you like.


If you have questions about Thailand or any of the places above, definitely leave a comment and let me know!

Happy travels! Overseas, and just generally in life ?

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